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Somerset, NJ Indian Wedding by Ishan Fotografi


Woodland Park, NJ Indian Wedding by Studio KSD


Artistic Wedding Photography & Cinematography provided by a team of professional, enthusiastic and uber-friendly creative minds. Every photo has a story, what’s yours? We all live for special moments – moments that shape our lives and make life the electrifying and exhilarating journey it is known to be. Moments that may be short lived but remain etched in our hearts and minds forever. Moments that make bring a smile on our faces and tingle our senses. How we all wish that these moments last a little longer as we fondly look back at them as memories… At Darkroom Doctors Studios, that is exactly what we live for – To capture life at its most exciting, surprising and inspiring. That’s what we do, freezing time, and locking up the colors, the thrill, the emotions and the tenderness of those moments for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. Life’s a celebration, and rest assured, we will be there every step of the way as your celebrate yours! So bring our the moments we say.. cause rest assured, we will be bringing our cameras!








Darkroom Doctors Studios

Montreal, QC Sikh Wedding by Darkroom Doctors Studios

Evoking the best of the Sikhs’ culture, the splendid artistic film that Darkroom Doctors Studios produced for Hardeep and Agum’s wedding in Montreal is a wonderful manifest of the many traditions and significant ceremonies that comprise a Sikh-Punjabi union. The footage captured every key moment, from a vivacious home Sangeet night, to ...


Toronto, ON Sikh Wedding by Darkroom Doctors Studios

Good morning Maharani Weddings readers! Today’s wedding was all about Misha and Preet and their dearest and nearest who gathered to watch the bride and groom start their wedding journey in the beautiful city of Toronto! Darkroom Doctors Studios beautifully comprised all the rituals, traditional ceremonies and heartwarming moments in a fa...


Toronto, ON Pakistani Wedding Darkroom Doctors Studios

Subal and Hamzah’s wedding was a true ode to Pakistani weddings and Darkroom Doctors Studios translated this epic union into a beautiful film. These match made in heaven held a fabulous series of events that started off with a vibrant Mehndi night. Our bride, Subal had a few outfits ready to flaunt for all the wedding festivities. Her fi...


Toronto, ON Indian Wedding by Darkroom Doctors Studios

Hello, Maharanis! Darkroom Doctors Studios brings us a marvelous gift today, the amazing compilation of the most beautiful moments of Neesha and Brandon’s wedding celebration! From pre-wedding images to the wedding day, the couple’s footage out in the woods is absolutely stunning! To join their lives forever the couple picked the&n...


Toronto, Ontario, Fusion Wedding by Darkroom Doctors Studios

Sigh, we’re still recovering from all the emotional outpouring from Sara and Saad’s wedding film. Their story is clearly one of the books, and Darkroom Doctors Studios reminded us why we  love stories. This epic film comes from Toronto, and was engulfed in romance to say the least. Sara and Saad’s cozy ceremony was hosted at ...



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